We build and co-build startups for and with entrepreneurs.

Build an experienced team

At Venture Lean, we recognize your unique entrepreneurial skills and offer assistance on the specific skills your business may be missing by building an experienced team. The team will help you strengthen your business and provide an essential addition to your innovative culture.

Projects and experience

Venture Lean builds team of entrepreneurs and innovators for corporates looking at innovating. With dedicated startup teams, Venture Lean turn corporate ideas and opportunities into products and businesses that customers love. Our entrepreneurs focus on solving specific problems for corporates & gain project & customer driven experience 

Building A Startup Business

With experienced entrepreneurs & founders, an interdisciplinary taskforce and a lean approach we are partnering with you to explore the digital transformation for your company.

Our Expertise



I have a startup, how do I build an in-house team?

Startup Structuring

How to govern, create partnerships, negotiate deals & opportunities?

Prototyping & Designs

I have a product idea, how do I turn it into a reality?


Minimum Marketable Product

I have a validated concept, how do I get to market?


Lean Web Development

I have a marketable product, how do I build out more features and integration?


Lean APP Development

I have a mobile app idea, how do I turn it into a reality?

Entreprise Applications

How do I build an entreprise wide applications?

Pitching & Investment Readiness

How do I become investment ready?

Product Launch & Market Entry

How do I acquire my first customer and go from 0-1?

Marketing & Strategy

How do I start doing business in new & existing markets?

Cybersecurity & Audit

How do I keep my technology fully secure & operational?


Maker Asia

How can we start doing business in new markets? 

Top Talent On Demand

I have a startup, how do I build an in-house team?


Internet of Things (IoT)

How do we best use IoT and transformations happening around us?

Chatbot Applications

How do I build Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp chatbots?

Scale Smart

How do I automate repetitive tasks using AI and humans?

Onboarding checklist – as easy as 1-2-3

1. Project brief – Send us your project brief, and we guarantee non-disclosure and a thorough opportunity assessment.

2. Pitching – You get to present your project and have your business model reviewed by an advisory panel. You will receive feedback and the final decision.    

3. Project kickoff and formalities – we sign a formal agreement, agree on project setup, get to know each other, and get to work.

Founder-friendly terms – Affordable solutions

We help build your startup or a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) on a startup-friendly payment plan.

Our experienced tech team can help build your MMP on a tailored leasing contract, with a down payment of only 10%. The rest will be spread over five monthly installments.

A first version will be ready within four-six months. You can then test your market, and we can decide on the next steps together, while your business is gaining traction.

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