We Build Startups On Demand.

Empowering entrepreneurs & corporates

Venture Lean empowers corporates and entrepreneurs to get things done together in our innovation studio. Entrepreneurs overcome the tough barriers to startup success by building lean startups, minimum viable products (MVP), minimum loveable & marketable products, driving pilots, investment readiness, gaining traction and scaling.

Venture Lean opportunity is new and unparalleled. It is a dramatic change from the way startups are usually built in tech circles. We foster innovation and back founders and entrepreneurship.


Corporates Innovation

Corporates succeed by outsourcing their innovation team to us. 

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Entrepreneurs Mentorship

 Entrepreneurs grow by linking with experienced mentors.    For Entrepreneurs →

Entrepreneurs Projects

Entrepreneurs enjoy working on customer-driven projects. 

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Startups On Demand

Entrepreneurs build experienced team together for areas & skills they lack.


Pre-Startup - From idea to reality.

  • Get started, generate ideas, thorough feasibility analysis, validate , create the business model and develop the strategy.
  • Develop an innovative product road-map and outline the product specifications and requirements.
  • Finalize the startup structure and setup and take care of all legal, corporate, and governance aspects.                             

Growth - We help you scale and grow.

  • Help in capital raising and accessing accelerators and form strategic partnerships.
  • Focus on growing the team and expanding.
  • Set clear criteria for client entry and exit.

Startup - We handle everything, big or small.

  • Build executive and advisory teams that will sustain and nurture a culture of innovation and expertise.
  • Product wireframing, prototyping, design, and development.
  • Technical and commercial due diligence audit and report.
  • Accounting and financial management services
  • Beta testing MMP and getting the first customers
  • Gain access to venture investors and angels.

Innovation Studio - For Corporates

  • Build teams and experiment and learn fast from customers to realise quick business results.
  • Stimulate creativity and celebrate failures and execute fast.
  • Create, validate and scale new impact-driven businesses.
  • Scale up innovation through entrepreneurship.

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